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contact me at 207-594-2565 in Maine.

My name is Ananur Forma it used to be Carol Forma.
I grew up in Larchmont, NY.

Read my weekly column, in the Free Press out of Rockland Maine

What Makes My Readings Different?

First, I'm not involved with Sun sign horoscope readings, like you see in the newspaper. Those kinds of readings are vague, general and could apply to anyone. You know this. I enjoy researching your chart to learn about you. That means I need your birth date, time of birth (within 4 minutes if possible!) and location of birth, for an accurate reading. You might need to contact the city hall, hospital, or bureau of vital statistics at the capital city of the state that you were born in to learn your exact birth time if you're not certain.

Second,I am proud to say that I studied with renowned Astrologer Isabel M. Hickey in Boston, Ma. during the early seventies. I was part of her "Friday night Fix" meditation group, at B.U.

I began teaching beginners Astrology classes in 1976, at Camden/Rockport (Maine) Adult Education classes. I have led workshops combining astrology with meditation and spontaneous surprise (dancing & yoga) experiential practices. Fun is necessary when learning... I had a regular monthly column in "The Maine Well Being," (Portland Maine) for over 13 years. I had a monthly column in the Crestone Eagle (Colorado) when I lived there. I have had radio shows in Rockland Maine (WRKD) in the '80's and in Alamosa, CO. on the public radio station (KRZA) entitled, "The Daily Astrological forecast, with your ...cosmic pilot." That was a clever name a friend thought up! I also had a column in the Newburyport newspaper in Massachusetts when I lived there, for one year. I love Newburyport, but too far from my son in Rockland, Maine. I still have a weekly column in the Free Press (Rockland, Maine).

Third, I am a warm, kind human being, no pretense, someone you can talk to about personal matters and know that I honor your process and keep it strictly confidential.... an Astrologer with a Heart. I am trained in the Divine Feminine approach to Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy…what we call: Emotional Release Process. I was trained (experiential) by Ellen Hutchison of Boothbay, Me. in 1985, after many, many years of involvement with my own experience of Primal Therapy in Boston, during the 70’s. I have a padded room at my house for clients who are interested in the process. It is deeply purging of emotions that are hard to get to. If you want, I will email you more information about this process. Usually people going through a “Pluto transit” are ready for this intense experience to clear the inner pathway for enlightenment which is what Pluto “promises” if you, “do the work” which may be necessary, for you. Also Scorpio people seem to be drawn to it. I am inside the padded room with you the whole time, helping you and supporting you.

Fourth, My readings are personal and specific for you, the individual. They are based on the positions of the planets. My readings will show you how these positions have affected you in the past, how they are affecting you now, and how the planets will affect you in your future. You have choices which we will discuss together.

Fifth, Please read specific testimonials regarding my readings Progressed Chart, Transit) as to why Astrology with Ananur is your recommended choice.

Client Testimonials

I met Anaur through a friend during a challenging time in my life. While I had made great strides in instituting change for myself on a large scale, I had fallen into a period of doubt and insecurity wrapped in a veil of lost hope. This chance encounter on a beach during a very cold winter day with my dog, I met a young woman who became my friend, my walking friend. Though 30 years younger than myself, she was wise. It was through this dear person that I was introduced to Ananur as I was looking for ~ hope.

Through the course of the last 2 years, Anaur's wisdom, knowledge, and dear heart have helped me regain the internal strength I always had. Her detailed charts and readings of my birth years showed events that had taken place and spoke to events and strong periods of energy I experienced in my life.

I only hope if you have reached Ananur's site, through a referral or your search for information, hope, or a message that you reach out and engage her brilliance in your path to happiness and light. 🌞🌠🕉️ Ann Marie, Fairfield County, CT

My mom gave me your your contact information. I really enjoyed speaking with you in February 2016. You were very helpful during a particularly wild time in my life. I wanted to thank you for your guidance because you mentioned a lot of things during our session that played out exactly as you mentioned them.

Example #1: At the time, I was involved in a very contentious contract negotiations with our administration and the teachers were working without a contract. It seemed like this fight would never end with us holding picketing demonstrations and day long mediation sessions. In February 2016, you told us our fight would be wrapped up by June and not to worry. At the time, that outcome did not seem possible. We settled our contract in May 2016!

Example #2: I was going through a tough and prolonged break up when I saw you and you said, "Don't worry, he's on his way." At the time, this was really hard to manifest and believe in but my now husband and I met in December 2017 after he arrived in Maine from Peru! He had quite a journey to get to me but I am so grateful he did. Peru was also part of the meridian you looked up for me as I was contemplating where I could live in the world.

Thank you for your guidance! I am so grateful these two examples worked out and the universe is a wonderful thing! E. in Augusta, Maine

"In the spring of 2018, I felt an intense urge to move away from my home area where I had lived my whole life. I saw a listing for Ananur’s services, saying that she does astrological readings to assist with making decisions regarding moving to a new place. I booked a session with Ananur, and this was just the beginning of a truly life-changing year for me. Ananur was so detailed and thorough with her work, as well as intuitive and insightful. She helped me to put words to the feelings inside that I was experiencing, as she confirmed things to me from my natal chart. She told me that I was approaching the end of a period where I could meet my true love life-partner. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, though that did answer some of the gut feelings I was having as to why I felt such a strong need to move. With the guidance from Ananur’s reading, I was able to trust my heart fully, and I decided on the location to move. Long story short, Ananur was completely right. I was approached by the love of my life just days after moving to this new location, and just shy of a year later, Ananur married us in a beautiful, small, heart-felt ceremony by the sea. I feel very blessed to have had Ananur’s guidance through this period of my life. I have entered into the next phase of my soul’s journey, and I am so thankful for Ananur’s work. She helped me to trust that I could allow my intuition to be my guide. She is a dedicated astrologer, the real deal, and a gifted intuitive counselor. Thank you Ananur!!" L.H. Portland Me.

I did a 4 hour astrological session for a group of 10 friends who have known one another since high school They’re in their mid 30’s now. One of the women said to me, ”I don’t think you remember me. I came to you 18 years ago for a reading. At the time I wanted so much to get pregnant. The doctors said they did not think that I could get pregnant, due to the results of the tests they did. You told me that I was indeed pregnant, right now. My son was born about 9 months later and now I have 2 sons!” She blew my mind when she told me that, as I remember at the time telling her she was pregnant, and thinking,” how could I tell her that? What if it’s not correct?” However, Guidance was so strong and just came through me… and “said it.” Not me. I do a meditation before each reading! Signed by Ananur