Birth Chart Interpretations

Your soul chose when you were born, where, and what time. Your birth chart is your road map for this lifetime. I will explain to the best of my ability what you are working on in this lifetime, what talents you already have, and what challenges will be with you in this lifetime. The chart gives information about relationships, marriage, friendships, etc. You’ll learn dates to be prepared for due to the planets’ positions in regard to your personal chart. The reading is taped, as there is a lot of information for you.

Astrologically Speaking

Service Fee

Astrological Chart Readings in Person

   $80.00 /hr

Astrological Reading by Phone (includes tape)

   $85.00 /hr



Astrological Chart Readings in Person

$44.00 1/2hr

Astrological Reading by Phone (includes tape)

$49.00 1/2hr

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Client Testimonial

"Ananur and I met in December of 1995 and I knew at that time she was someone I wanted to be friends with and I looked forward to our next meeting.  My faith in the person that Ananur is has never been proven incorrect.

Ananur possesses a quality of integrity and truth that shows up in all that she does.  She has a true passion for life and becomes excited in assisting others.  She believes in and works towards creating a peace-filled and fun-loving world.

Ananur also has the ability to listen to her internal voice and she follows the knowingness that presents itself into her life.  She is able to sense, within various situations, truth.

It is with great honor that I share with you my deep love and respect for Ananur.  It is a privilege for me to be able to call her "my friend." K.M. Hawaii