New Born Infant Chart Readings

An infant chart reading lasts a half hour. These readings are mainly for helping the parents.

A chart reading by Ananur, for a child ( infant, or could be a teen) offers important information for the parents.  The chart is the “child’s  lifetime roadmap” astrologically speaking designed by the Soul of the child, in my opinion.  The soul enters this lifetime with certain gifts, talents, and abilities. With further research there are dates offered to help understand when certain lessons are going to be presented in life (either externally or because of internal urgings).

Astrologically Speaking

Service Fee

Astrological Chart Readings in Person

   $80.00 /hr

Astrological Reading by Phone (includes tape)

   $85.00 /hr



Astrological Chart Readings in Person

$44.00 1/2hr

Astrological Reading by Phone (includes tape)

$49.00 1/2hr

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Client Testimonial

"I have known Ananur for over 25 years, having been introduced through a mutual friend when we both lived in midcoast Maine. It is a friendship which has endured many moves (on both sides!), but never losing touch. Ananur did my life chart in the early 80's, I was so impressed my next request was for my daughter, (who at the time was a very small child).

As my daughter grew from childhood into adulthood, I periodically re-read her chart.  It never ceased to amaze me how Ananur had been "right-on." So, when my granddaughter was born three years ago, it was only natural to turn to the best. Again, I was totally amazed. As my granddaughter grows and I look at her chart, it's like following a road map. Ananur's interpretations are precise and personal.

Several years back I had a life chart done for a friend by another professional astrologer and was very disappointed. The chart was extremely technical and lacked the warm, loving touch of Ananur.  Ananur not only interprets the technical, but tunes into the "personal" side of the individual. Truly a gifted astrologer, whom I have had the privilege of meeting in this lifetime!" B.M. Thornton, NH