Relocation Readings

These readings can help you on the following questions:

You were born in one place, but have moved to another time zone and the chart now needs to be reinterpreted to understand what qualities are being called forth to be manifested in the new location. Or…you would like to move to another location where your career flows with ease, or where you will be more likely to meet with “the great love of your life.”

You may want me to relocate your chart back a few years ago to find out why your trip to “somewhere”  was so meaningful, and is it an ideal place to live or just travel to?

Astrologically Speaking

Service Fee

Astrological Chart Readings in Person

   $80.00 /hr

Astrological Reading by Phone (includes tape)

   $85.00 /hr



Astrological Chart Readings in Person

$44.00 1/2hr

Astrological Reading by Phone (includes tape)

$49.00 1/2hr

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Client Testimonial

"Dear Ananur, thanks so much for the reading today - for all of this study and insight you give and that goes into it.  A peace is beginning to materialize from the struggle of the past months and I am thankful for the part you have played in allowing this to happen.  With all the best wishes." G.B. Monarch, Co.