This is always included in a reading because it shows us where the planets are in the heavens (now, or in the future). The transits combined with the progressed chart in relation to the birth chart (also called natal chart) give me a tremendous amount of information to share with you. I feel that I can be most helpful by telling you what the planets are doing to your chart.

Astrologically Speaking

Service Fee

Astrological Chart Readings in Person

   $80.00 /hr

Astrological Reading by Phone (includes tape)

   $85.00 /hr



Astrological Chart Readings in Person

$44.00 1/2hr

Astrological Reading by Phone (includes tape)

$49.00 1/2hr

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Client Testimonial

"Ananur has done our transit charts on two occasions over the past year.  The readings were by telephone and we found them both extremely informative and useful in deciding on choices in our daily lives.  Ananur's readings are exceptionally detailed, laced with humor and full of superb insights.  Her delivery obviously stems from a broad base of experience and knowledge in charting planetary influences and their significance.  Her readings are also of great assistance in understanding how future decisions may be shaped.  When appropriate, she includes a more global perspective to particular influences.

Ananur is the first person we've encountered who takes the time to give additional details when questioned, and who gives much more than one could hope to receive.  We would recommend her unconditionally to anyone seeking a professional, dynamic and insightful reading." C.T. Topsfield, ME