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February 2012 by Ananur

Mercury is not retrograde this month. Mars and Saturn are retrograde making it a poor time to start a new business. If you are doing some sort of reconstruction that will work, but pay close attention to details especially if there are legalities to tend to. Read it over and over again before signing. The month ends well with a fine aspect between Jupiter and Pluto. Anyone who was born with those planets aspecting their Sun will be in fine shape financially. Those people would be: those born April 26-29, August 30-September 3, and those born between December 29-January 2 of any year.

February 1 Mercury is favorably aspecting Pluto helping you to see through deceptions that might be coming at you. Venus is opposite Mars which is frustrating if you're attached to outcomes which have to match your expectations. You may find that you're giving too much and that you're not feeling the equality that you hoped for in your relationship. The longing for an ideal mate is still lurking within you, causing you some emotional pain and confusion, especially if you're married and feeling it.

February 3 Neptune enters Pisces. Neptune had moved into Pisces between "preview." Now Neptune is in Pisces for a lengthy stay, until January 2026. This very long phase will see us open more to the psychic realm so that it eventually is a daily part of our lives and nothing unusual. Seeing colors and light around each other and knowing what others feel will become commonplace. Keep open to what is happening.

February 4-6 the Sun and Mercury are awkwardly aspecting Uranus which suggests a few days of disruptions and chaos. Be ready to adjust your plans and help others when they are out of balance. We all need each other.

February 7 Venus is in an uncomfortable aspect with Saturn which means that this will be a time of testing in relationships to see whom we can really trust and rely on. Financial concerns may increase. Saturn will be turning retrograde today at 9:03 a.m. until June 25, 2012. This is a period when it is not in your best interest to start a new business. Planning, yes, taking action: NO!

February 7 the Full Moon takes place at 4:54 p.m. with the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. Be spontaneous and trust your intuition. You don't need to conform to what society dictates. Most of all trust your intuitive intelligence.

February 7-9 Venus is conjunct Uranus in Aries screaming out for unique forms of expression. This aspect is always about sexual attractions. In fact Warren Beatty and Kris Kristofferson were born with Venus conjunct Uranus! These planets combined emit a high dosage of charisma.

February 8 Mercury in Aquarius is aspecting Mars in Virgo which finds you having to be very careful with the words you choose. It's easy to be misunderstood when you say a lot but don't really give much information. Venus is nicely aspecting Neptune and known to be a romantic time; however fantasizing about the other may create confusion down the road.

February 8-9 the Sun is aspecting Mars ushering in competition and harsh assaults to another's ego. Conflicts are likely to escalate.

February 10-11 Venus is nicely aspecting Jupiter making it a perfect time for a party where beauty and extravagance abound. Relax and enjoy.

February 11-13 Mercury and Neptune are conjunct and are both in a favorable aspect to Saturn which takes your ideals to a practical place of manifesting a vision you've held dear for quite some time. Now is the time to plan for the future and get the details written in a file.

February 13 Mercury enters into Pisces and remains here until April 16th. Dreams would be prophetic and have an eerie quality to them which is hard to interpret, not knowing they are indeed prophetic. If you write down your dreams they may make more sense to you in a few days.

February 13-15 Venus is harshly aspecting Pluto signaling us that there are relationships left undone which need tending to.

February 14 Happy Valentine's Day. Mercury is in a positive aspect with Uranus guiding you to say what is truly in your heart, you won't need to sit and think about it, and it will come through just fine. Be yourself.

February 14-16 Mercury is nicely aspecting Jupiter bringing out the comic in you. Your mind is filled with brilliant ideas to apply in the future when Saturn turns direct on June 25th. I've noticed that famous comedians have this aspect when they were born.

February 16-18 the Sun is in a positive aspect with Saturn increasing your ability to be productive because you have more patience. Mercury is nicely aspecting Pluto which I think of as a time for learning.

February 17-19 the Sun and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces opening you up to discovering and uncovering your psychic awareness. It could be a peak time for those who are born with the Sun, Moon or Pisces rising spiritually.

February 19 the Sun will be moving into Pisces at 11:18 p.m. remaining here until Spring Equinox March 19 at 1:14 a.m. which is when the Sun enters Aries. Meanwhile back to the point: the Sun is entering Pisces today! All Pisces people are being honored with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces which will no doubt bring your spiritual qualities to the forefront to be appreciated by family members who in the past may have made fun of you for believing in that which they couldn't understand. Pisces people are sensitive and know how to love and take care of others, that is if they aren't totally immersed in themselves and hung up in the land of addiction. The best Pisces healers are those who have experienced suffering themselves, and Pisces do seem to end up taking care of others.

February 21 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Neptune which can turn your world upside down wondering what he or she is thinking? It can become obsessive. The Sun is nicely aspecting Uranus nudging you to bring forth your creativity. Mercury is in a challenging aspect with Saturn. Try not to get pulled down by negative thinking. Don't watch the news tonight.

February 21 the New Moon will take place at 5:35 p.m. with the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Chiron all conjunct in Pisces and in good relationship to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. This cycle (until March 22) is about developing compassion and finding ways to forgive yourself and others. It sounds simple. But it's not. Much will unfold in the next 29 days.

February 22 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Mars causing upsets over minor things which seem insurmountable in the moment. It's fine to let off some steam, you need it.

February 21-23 Mercury is opposite Mars speeding up your mind so that you can't control what comes out of your mouth or so it seems.

February 23-25 the Sun is in a positive aspect with Jupiter which is usually a good time for finances. Anyone who was born February 22-25, April 25-28, June 26-29, December 26-29 of any year ought to be in good shape right now with their finances. These folks are receiving blessings from Jupiter.

February 25-28 the Sun is favorably aspecting Pluto guiding you to transform your life by kicking out of your life that which no longer works for you whether it's food, friends or some sort of an addiction. Now is the time to make the change. Don't wait for it to happen, take charge.

February 29-March 2 Mercury is aspecting Saturn awkwardly convincing you that you are unworthy, and that you should feel sad. Don't buy into it. Know that these planets bring us in touch with old insecurities which need healing.

February 29 -March 4 Venus in Aries is opposite Saturn in Libra stirring up tensions between men and women. Could it be that the abortion issue is again being analyzed by men who have no business making decisions for women. This is a very personal private decision. That's clear to me. The Soul doesn't enter the body until the first breath is taken.

February 29-March 16 Jupiter is in a fine aspect with Pluto which is all about success and influencing others. Anyone who is in position of prominence politically can make a huge impact because others are listening carefully. It can help us (the public) get clear on what we believe in and what we don't believe in. Perhaps at this time the 99% of us will again unite and be visibly activated.

January 2012 by Ananur

We’re in a most auspicious period that began December 25th when Jupiter turned direct. The point is that there are absolutely no planets in retrograde motion right now…January 23 is when Mars will be turning retrograde at 7:54 p.m. The last time there were no planets retrograde was from December 30, 2010 – January 26, 2011. The next time that there will be a phase with absolutely no planets retrograde will be from January 30, 2013 – February 18, 2013. It’s during these times that there is nothing blocking forward momentum. Starting a new project or business during this phase is ideal. Capricorn’s energy is serious, and we’re in the New Moon of Capricorn conjunct Pluto, because the New Moon took place on December 24. There’s no way to deny what you know, is there? By the way, Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra are still in a very positive aspect which brings practicality together with spiritual principles. This aspect began in the middle of December and will be gifting us with blessings to put into action until February 3, 2012. Jupiter and Uranus are in a favorable aspect December 1, 2011 -January 28, 2012 which increases awareness and intuitive intelligence, globally. Yes, it’s true we’re all open to knowing more of what we know instinctively but didn’t realize that we knew. Daily life takes up so much energy.

January 1 begins with Mercury in a nasty angle with Mars which began 2 days ago. Be careful what you say now, your mind is moving rapidly and you just don’t have a chance to think clearly. Venus is in an awkward aspect with Uranus bringing about chaos in relationships, but it’s all minor stuff, really.

January 3 the Sun is in a challenging aspect with Neptune , usually means confusion and misunderstandings. Avoid making any assumptions.

January 4-6 Mercury is now nicely aspecting Saturn and Neptune. Ah Ha! Clear thinking enables you to put visionary heart felt thoughts into practical application. You’re realistic about what you can expect with your idealistic perception of what you want to create. An excellent aspect for teachers.

January 6 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Mars known to stir up competition and disappointment if your needs are not met, right this minute.

January 6-8 Mercury is in a positive aspect with Jupiter and an awkward aspect with Uranus. There are plenty of ideas floating around to be discussed. This is a brainstorming time, however these ideas need to percolate a bit longer.

January 8-27 Mercury enters Capricorn at 1:34 a.m. This is a fine time for writing and studying the economic situation and learning that which could be useful. Be practical in your thinking, take your time, think clearly before making decisions – Mercury in Capricorn likes that and will reward you.

January 9 Full Moon at 2:30 a.m. with the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Capricorn. A time for balancing your goals with your psychic sense of what can catch on now and that which the general public still isn’t ready for. The past propaganda has imprinted people and they are not ready to see clearly in the present. You might be able to offer some insights if you are easy, slow and respectful of others needs to maintain some sense of stability and security to what was seemingly the truth even though we know now that the truth is not what we thought it was. Being part of the 99% certainly puts things into perspective.

It’s been said that, “the combined net worth of the 1% is more than the combined net worth of the 99% and we’re still headed in the direction of the 1% ‘s net worth increasing even more.” That fact is infuriating and also motivating.

January 10-12 the Sun in Capricorn is in a favorable aspect with Mars in Virgo which ought to get you going with all that energy being emitted. Because Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs that makes this a super productive time.

January 10-13 Venus is conjunct Neptune and they are both nicely aspecting Saturn. A relationship that begins now will have a strong foundation based on similar values. Mercury is conjunct Pluto taking your mind to a deeper level of perceiving. You mighty be able to ascertain what others are thinking.

January 12-14 Venus is nicely aspecting Jupiter which is perfect for a party or a fund raising event. Everyone (just about) will be in a great mood.

January 13 – February 7 Venus in Pisces. Could be a romantic time when films are more about loving compassion than about sexual fulfillment.

January 14 Venus is aspecting Uranus indicating the time to express your individuality in new ways with a stamp of your own creativity.

January 17-19 the Sun is in an awkward aspect with Saturn which usually brings about limitations and delays, a sure recipe for developing more patience.

January 18-20 Venus is nicely aspecting Pluto which is great for dancing freely letting the music carry you.

January 19-21 the Sun is in a positive aspect with Uranus embracing the deep inner urge for freedom to speak the truth without fear. This aspect increases intuition and creativity and is good for brain (& heart) storming.

January 19 the Sun is in a favorable aspect with Neptune which can uplift and inspire you and those who come in contact with you.

January 20 the Sun enters Aquarius at 11:10 a.m. remaining here until February 18 at 11:18 p.m. Always known as a time for inner retreat or deep group connection that nurtures & expands the love for humankind.

January 20-22 the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Jupiter and is an aspect of expansion and freedom to be yourself with little regard for rules or etiquette.

January 21-23 Mercury is in a favorable aspect with Mars speeding up the mind and suggesting that it’s time to speak up and make your thoughts known.

January 23 the New Moon takes place at 2:41 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 2 degrees of Aquarius which makes a super fine aspect to Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius. Because this is still the auspicious phase, and it’s a New Moon is always the right time to put well thought out plans into action, I say to you, “Go for it!.” This New Moon is also about finding new methods of governance. This is the right time for group decisions to be made with regard to the whole (holy) rather than thinking of what’s best for me, me, me.

January 23 Mars goes retrograde at 7:54 p.m. ending the auspicious phase that began on December 25th. Mars stays in retrograde motion until April 13. While Mars is retrograde it’s really not the time to begin new projects. Best to wait until it turns direct in mid-April. Put your thoughts into planning and researching and be diligent about it.

January 25-27 Mercury is uncomfortably aspecting Saturn setting your mind on negative thoughts of worry, shame and guilt, this is especially likely if you were born between January 16-20, April 15-19, July 18-22, October 18-22, of any year. I hope this, “heads up,” (pun intended) will be helpful for you.

January 27-February 13 Mercury is in Aquarius, now, taking us to lofty ideals of how it could be, should be, might be, in the future for all of humanity. Allow yourself to dream big and envision your highest goals for all of us. Mercury enters into Aquarius today at precisely 1:12 p.m.

January 27-28 the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Mars, known to be competitive and argumentative. Venus is in a challenging aspect with Jupiter usually known to mess up your diet and exercise regime with tasty treats calling out to you like the sirens in the oceans.

January 26-28 Mercury is aspecting Jupiter and Uranus expanding your awareness. A great time for taking a class or studying something which is mind expanding in a group, of course, with Mercury in Aquarius!

January 27-28 the Sun is in a positive aspect with Pluto which is one of my all time favorite aspects. Pluto strengthens our inner relationship to our High Self when it aspects the Sun making it a time when just about anything is possible. What have you got your sights on? Opportunities come to you which help you to express your truth. This is especially powerful for all those born: January 27-30, February 26-29, April 26-30, August 29-September 2, October 29- November 1, and December 27-31, of any year. I hope that all of you decide to make the most of this potently positive energy.

January 29-February 1 Venus is opposite Mars a sure indicator of a romantic/sexual attraction starting up. Who knows if it has lasting potential? That all depends on the individuals natal and progressed charts.

January 31 Mercury is aspecting Pluto, favorably making your observations astute. You’re able to express your thoughts with great finesse.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you. I appreciate your subscription to this newsletter. I enjoy writing it. Love, Ananur

Books I recommend (since you asked)

Sudden Awakening by Eli Jaxon-Bear
From Stage IV to Center Stage by Denise DeSimone


December begins with Mercury retrograde. Mercury's been retrograde since November 24th. As I write this, it is November 18th and my computer has been at the shop for 2 days. I see this as an indicator that this retrograde phase will be a real doozie. Get prepared as best you can. Mercury will be turning direct on December 13 at 8:45 p.m. There will be a total lunar eclipse this month on December 10. My research shows that the eclipse will be most visible in the Philippines, Asia, Australia and N.Z.

December 1 Venus and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn promising to heat up your love relationship. When Venus and Pluto can bring about obsessive behaviors or it can deeply intensify your capacity to love.

December 1-January 28 Jupiter is nicely aspecting Uranus raising consciousness world wide. Intuitive intelligence is trusted and acted on with positive results. There is joy in the air we are collectively breathing.

December 1-2 the Sun in Sagittarius is in an awkward aspect with Mars in Virgo which usually indicates conflict and lots of activity.

December 2-4 Mercury is in a difficult aspect with Mars speeding up your mind and finding you a bit too outspoken. You might observe yourself reacting… rather than responding.

December 3-5 Venus in Capricorn is in a favorable aspect with Mars in Virgo known as a romantic phase and also creative, good for social events and fund raisers. Anyone who was born: December 31- January 3, April 28- May 2, August 31-September 3 of any year…will find this time period to be beneficial financially.

December 7-8 Mercury is nicely aspecting Pluto deepening your thinking process and bringing about realizations.

December 10 Uranus turns direct. Uranus had been retrograde since July 9th. Inventions which the public needs to know about will come to the foreground. *A Total Lunar Eclipse will take place at exactly 9:36 a.m. with the Moon at 18 degrees of Gemini and the Sun at 18 degrees of Sagittarius impacting all of humanity in attitudinal shifting. We need be more tolerant of each other's beliefs, finding out what we have in common.

December 13 Mercury will be turning direct at 8:45 p.m. Sometimes it takes a few days after Mercury turns direct for all the problems to get smoothed out that have taken place during this cycle (since November 24).

December 14-25 Jupiter is retrograde in Taurus. Saturn is moving forward and almost at the end of Libra. They are opposite each other. Finding a way to overcome our financial overspending as a country and as individuals is what this time is meant to be about.

December 15-16 Mars and Jupiter are in a challenging aspect gifting you with plenty of energy to get things moving. Just watch out for the tendency to get scattered and annoyed with yourself for taking on too much!

December 16-18 Venus will be awkwardly aspecting Saturn, which has to do with dealing with issues of separateness. You long for others to live up to your expectations for them. Are you living up to these standards? This aspect brings about our disappointments in others…which of course boils down to disappointment with ourselves. It's uncomfortable. If you choose to work your way through these feelings…you will gain inner strength and insight into yourself and others… with compassion.

December 17-19 the Sun is now in a positive aspect with Saturn which increases patience and concentration.

December 18-20 the Sun is favorably aspecting Neptune uplifting your spirit with beautiful music and art. You feel inspired to create something of beauty somehow, someway. You have a strong desire to share your insights with another. Venus and Jupiter are in an awkward aspect which promises to mess up your diet & exercise routine. Stay strong.

December 19-20 Venus is in a favorable aspect with Uranus which is known to bring together a romantic pair, who once were friends! Mercury is in a positive aspect with Pluto taking your conversation to a deeper level philosophically. You're willing to share that which is sacred to you because you trust the person. Trust being the key word.

December 20-22 the Sun is in a positive aspect with Jupiter uplifting humanity to higher levels of consciousness and unconditional Love. And…the Sun is aspecting Uranus screaming to break free from the autocratic past way of un-democratic rulership, which calls itself "democratic." There will be more protests taking place with a unified focus.

December 22 the Sun enters into Capricorn also known as the winter solstice at precisely 12:29 a.m. Energy focuses inward and growth takes place within the quiet realms of receptivity to the Divine. Nature takes a rest. The bears go into hibernation, or dream time, where astral travel is their inner activity, showing us what is possible when we stretch imagination.

December 24 the New Moon takes place at 1:06 p.m. with the Sun and Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and this New Moon is aspecting the outer planets: Uranus, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and even Saturn. The next 29 ½ days could be disruptive and unsettling with an eventual favorable outcome. Clarity is the ultimate goal. I believe that Egypt will be leading the way for a new democratic system that hasn't been tried, yet.

December 24-January 12 Saturn is in a fine aspect with Neptune. It's all about taking spiritual visionary truths and bringing them into 3D reality through practical application and unified organized "efforting."

December 25 Venus is in a fine aspect with Pluto offering healing energy to wounded relationships. Love is stronger than anything and can and will overcome past resentments which probably were misunderstandings based got it…gulp...assumptions! Mercury is awkwardly aspecting Saturn today, Christmas day. Refrain from correcting others, no matter how tempting it is. "Unsolicited advice is considered criticism by the ego." And… you know what the ego likes don't you? To be "right." Criticism even if well intended can stir up defensive reactions. Christmas is a day for loving one another and reaching within to extend and be the best we can be. Jupiter goes direct today, speaking of being the best we can be. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and rules the liver, the largest organ in our bodies. Be joyful, Jupiter says… and spread your joy!

December 25-28 the Sun is conjunct Pluto as it was at the precise moment of the New Moon yesterday. When the Sun & Pluto combine it's about power issues. It's about dealing with someone who is over bearing, or how to assert your own power in ways which are non-threatening. Then there's the government… The Sun & Pluto could teach us all how to win respect and be heard. There probably will be more big protest marches.

December 27-29 Mercury is aspecting Jupiter. Your mind is going fast it's hard to get the words out fast enough. Be careful not to tell secrets told to you in confidence. Hold onto your thumb when nervous or worrying. It's a Jin Shim Jyutsu exercise and it works.

December 30- January 1 Mercury will be in a challenging aspect with Mars. Looks like we enter 2012 being outspoken and impatient. This aspect might speed up your nervous system; causing you to make hasty decisions. Take your time, slow down. Don't let this aspect "drive" you.

December 31 11:59 p.m. what does the chart show for 2012? I did the charts for: Cairo, Athens, Seattle, New York, Denver, and all the locations in all the different time zones show the same thing: change, peaceful determined revolution, and taking a stand for the truth and not backing down. Tom Petty's song rings true as a theme for 2012: "I won't back down.. no, I won't back down." Speak up, remain true to your truth.