What readings do I provide?

When I do a chart reading for you I always include your natal chart, your progressed chart and the outer planets “transiting” your chart. This gives me specific information about your life. I like to research your chart to learn past significant times and I will ask you about that. I will also include a “Solar Return chart” for your birthday based on where the Sun was at when you took your first breath in this lifetime. This chart gives an overview of the significance of the year from your birthday till your next birthday. Example: Let’s say you were born May 31, 1952 at 4:13 p.m. in Philadelphia, Pa. Your Sun would’ve been 10 degrees 17 minutes of Gemini. The Solar return chart is then calculated for May 31, 2024 or for May 31, 2025. It all depends on WHERE you will be on that day Chicago? San Diego? Seattle? The location really DOES matter on each year.

This brings up the point that I DO need your BIRTH information with the birth TIME within 4 minutes and the date and location.Telling me “Sometime between 1 - 2 p.m. is not accurate enough. I can still do it if you have no way to find your time of birth. There will be planetary positions that I cannot speak about, as it wouldn’t be honest and accurate. I value and embrace integrity.

I provide individualized readings. I have taught Astrology since 1976 at Camden, Maine Adult Education and have led workshops, had daily radio programs and have been in newspapers since 1981. I do not write in the newspaper for each Sun Sign like you’ve seen for years.That is superficial. I am uncomfortable with that style which is a false representation of what Astrology offers.

Let’s talk and then you can decide.

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Astrologically Speaking

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$200.00 /hr

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$50.00 1/4hr

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