What readings do I provide?

When I do a chart reading it is either an hour or a half hour; I always include the natal, progressions and transits. The listing of descriptions here, give you ideas, however, I always bring in information about progressions and transits and focus on what needs to be discussed in the time frame that we agree on. If we go over the time agreed on, an extra fee is charged accordingly. I personally feel that one hour is plenty and that more is too much- an overload of informaiton at one time can feel overwhelming. Unless of course you're an Astrologer then we usually talk on and on.

I have provided personalized readings and have taught astrology since 1976. (You may have known me as Carol Forma, or Ananur Spencer back then). I offer my clients astrological readings that are unique and inspiring. 

For more information or to schedule a reading please call me at 207.594.2565 contact me!

Astrologically Speaking

Service Fee

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Astrological Chart Readings in Person

$100.00 /hr

Astrological Reading by Phone

$105.00 /hr

Astrological Chart Readings in Person

$50.00 1/2hr

Astrological Reading by Phone

$55.00 1/2hr

Pet Astrology Charts by Phone


Holiday Special until Dec. 31, 2022 reading with Astrologer Ananur

$45.00 1/2hr

For your Personalized Reading please contact Ananur by phone...207.594.2565 or request additional information.