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Receive Ananur in your mailbox for just $20 per year "Astrologically Speaking …with Ananur" is a monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to for a year and receive it via email or snail mail.  Ananur talks about the planets positions and how they are affecting us.  Be forewarned when "Mars is harshly aspecting Uranus" to avoid an accident.  You'll want to know when Venus is close to (conjunct) Pluto as it increases sexual passion.  Ananur will tell you when Mercury is retrograde to help you avoid car problems or computer frustrations you need to be prepared ahead of time!  This newsletter is invaluable.

Newsletter is $20 per year

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Client Testimonials

"We've come to completely depend on Ananur's monthly column in one of our local papers, especially with regard to the planet Mercury and its retrograde motion!  Picking up the paper is always at the top of our list as we cannot function without Ananur's detailed explanation of daily influences.  All of this is complimented and enhanced by her writing style!"